Who we are

GotU is a MadTech company

GotU is one of the pioneers of local advertising and, in several years of work, has developed a comprehensive and unique knowledge in the effective and efficient management of campaigns for SMEs and Brands.
GotU is a MarTech company present in multiple markets, mainly EMEA and North America, which develops technology and offers unique hyperlocal advertising and marketing services aimed at:
Resellers who support the growth of local SMEs.
Brands that want to promote their stores locally.
GotU is a pioneer in local advertising, and over several years has developed a complete and unique knowledge in the management of effective, efficient campaigns for SMEs and brands.

Furthermore, after being selected as one of Facebook's first three Marketing Partners, we have accumulated many years of specialised knowledge about social networks.
Thanks to a unique combination of technical skills, communication and acquired knowledge of the SME world, GotU has developed a new cross-channel platform.

Specifically designed to allocate investment inside individual channels, the platform harmoniously orchestrates their specific potential towards a single goal: to achieve the results set by the customer.

GotU's distinctive feature is its ability to effectively develop and manage an impressive quantity of local digital campaigns.

This expertise was acquired by managing over 400,000 advertising campaigns and more than 300,000 Facebook posts. The design of our platform and quality of our operations allows for reliable scalability, a necessary feature for working with leading brands or resellers.
In 2016, GotU won Facebook's Innovation Spotlight Award.

GotU: careers

If you want to push boundaries, work with the latest technology, and be at the forefront of contemporary marketing, find out more about careers with GotU.