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We designed our innovative, AI-based platform to help boost the number of users visiting your website and your stores

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At GotU is the most sophisticated digital campaign creation and optimisation platform available on the market.

The algorithm uses established objectives and the available data to identify and reach only customers who match the desired audience and have the most purchase potential, thereby optimising the budget and increasing sales.
GotU, we have gone beyond the standard vertical platforms. We have developed a cross-channel platform which is specifically designed to allocate investment inside individual channels and harmoniously orchestrate their specific potential towards a single goal: to achieve the desired results. Algorithm choices change in real-time depending on the movement of online audiences and the constantly changing costs of Real-Time Bidding.
Even at the earliest stage, the platform's core purpose was to leverage data using sophisticated artificial intelligence applications to automatically and independently generate the best media mix.

Your only focus

Your business

You can now even automate the creation of your ads. You will no longer have to produce your own copy or imagery. You can use your time to focus on your business.

The GotU platform and our team of experts will manage the optimisation of your campaign on digital channels. They are determined to offer you excellent support and help you avoid the types of problems that negatively impact your time. This is because even when using the most effective technology, continuous human verification and optimisation are needed to get the most out of it.

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