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From sales support to guaranteed results

The GotU platform is designed to cover the multiple steps of its delivery cycle.

An easy-to-use platform

How it works

Starting from the established objectives, the algorithm selects and uses the available information and data to identify and reach only the customers most in line with the offer and with the greatest purchasing potential. In this way, in addition to increasing sales more effectively, you avoid wasting your budget on uninterested users.
Supporting the sales process
Using a special tool, customers can easily configure a campaign on multiple digital channels in just a few short steps. The automatic generation of high-quality ads and the prediction of expected results from a defined budget allocation offers an incentive for prospects to use the service.
Automatic creation of ads
The creation of graphic materials that are needed to create an advertising campaign presents a potential deterrent for customers, namely, the need to invest money and time to design them. This obstacle could slow down the sale of the service.

The GotU platform bypasses this obstacle by automatically generating ad creatives using existing graphic material available from the customer's website. The ads created by our A.I. only then go online following the customer's approval.
Decide where and how much to invest in a few seconds, with guaranteed results
In the campaign strategic planning phase, the customer decides on their budget size and can view expected results in real-time.

We calculate the expected results using the following customer-defined parameters.
I.e. tracing a virtual perimeter to delimit a real-world geographical area where the advertising campaign will be implemented.
Geo retargeting
The data already collected in previous advertising campaigns is used to serve ads with suitable pressure and verify the results at the relevant stores.
Geo audiences
Only active users in the chosen geographical area are reached by the advertising campaign, thereby optimising the customer’s budget in line with their needs.
Thanks to these techniques, alongside the use of cross-referenced digital and real-world customer data, the GotU algorithm can accurately reach the desired target, guaranteeing delivery of the estimated results.
GotU monitors 24/7. You get back to business
No further actions other than those initially made to decide budget, timing and target are required. The GotU AI will monitor the campaign progress 24 hours a day, whilst our specialist GotU team will assess the delivery of results, making any necessary optimisations where required.
Clear and complete reports
GotU has focused on producing reports that allow you to quickly and easily focus on relevant and strategic information. A real-time report shows both the monthly and overall campaign statistics for all channels.
Plug and play
The whole GotU solution is plug and play. For that reason, with our platform, the reseller does not need to engage in a complicated setup process, and the customer can begin the setup of their first campaign in a matter of seconds. This simplicity of implementation encourages prospects to test the product

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