Case histories

Over 400,000 successful campaigns around the world

A pioneer of local advertisement, GotU has developed a know-how and a technological platform that allow it to create campaigns aligned with the results desired by the client and, above all, scalable.


Case Histories

Each customer, whether it is a small business rather than a brand, has specific objectives that must be parameterized to the quantity and quality of the audience available, as well as to the marketing budgets available. Based on these and other parameters, the experienced GotU team sets the values that the GotU AI platform begins to work on. The platform has proven to be able to give adequate answers to the demanding requests of the best professionals.
Fratelli Rossetti, Italy
Fratelli Rossetti - the Italian luxury shoe brand - using GotU's multi-channel platform, has put online a successful social campaign aimed at boosting traffic to its physical stores
Burger King
Even Burger King, which has always focused on finding new customers and drive to store, saw in GotU an opportunity to use social effectively. Watch Burger King's video testimonial to evaluate their satisfaction

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